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START - Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment


"The Race Against Time"


You're first at the scene of an accident involving a car and a bus.  There are two people in the car and thirty on the bus.  There are various levels of injuries, but everyone seems to be hurt.  Where do you START?  The crying child, the pregnant woman, the hysterical bus driver?  You feel overwhelmed and your mind is overloaded.  Are you prepared to handle so many patients?  You need a system that is easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to use.  By triaging patients, you will be able to concentrate first responder resources on the most seriously injured.


What is STARTtag.jpg

A Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment plan designed for first responders.


Do I need a Triage System?

The START system was designed in 1983 and updated in 1994.  It is meant for rescuers with basic first aid skills.  It can be applied by fire-rescue squads, industrial or school safety personnel, and other medical professionals.


How is the START System Taught?

A complete training module is provided and includes:

  • 17 Minute Color Video
  • Intructor's Manual which contains View Files, Lesson Plans, Drill Plans, Quality Assurance Tools, Sample Triage Tags, START Cards (wallet sized) and a vendor resource list.